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Sculptor, painter and ceramist, Professor of artistic disciplines, starts the training from an early age with a vocation for painting and sculpture. Beginning processes a style characterized by expressive freshness in shapes and colors with the immediacy of the sign. His creative activity, broad and multifaceted, embraces the design up to the crafts.
In the tradition of handicraft production emancipates way looking for new languages and a new style. During the period of the years 70 ' and 80 ' draw new collections of porcelain and Crystal tableware decorated by hand, aimed at an exclusive market, and of furnishing accessories with modern design, sometimes abstract or minimalist, obtaining several awards within the framework of artististici contests.
In the ' 90 's, following their inspiration, studies and interprets the tiled floor and wall tiles decorations belonging to the history of the Mediterranean tradition, in this way the task working on a new collection of designs inspired by the prestigious tradition, resulting from contamination of different cultures, and renews the equipment and production processes while maintaining an artisan for ethical choice.
Therefore, using innovative techniques, organizes the production system with a new impetus in the evolution of Caltagirone ceramics by interpreting the activity with art and wisdom values aesthetics and technique, activities assisted by art teacher wife Carmela, Sirna, which participates in the changes dealing with especially the commercial area. In order to expand horizons in international markets participates in international exhibitions, for the sake of brevity it is recalled the "Cersaie" where the "Ceramiche Militello" were considered company image of Italy abroad.


The cycle of the tiles production starting from a mixture of clay, the decoration is entirely hand-made. The support material consists of a mixture of clays selected, and of gravel and lava, with which to increase the mechanical resistance and hardness in addition to determining the soft texture of the surface.The majolica is obtained by spreading a thin layer of glaze on the brick that is hand decorated and fired for a second time, which double-fired.
Production of tiles in terracotta and majolica hand-decorated floor, and
coverings, for interiors and exteriors, kitchens and bathrooms in masonry.
The lava stone majolicated for tables, floors, and top kitchen Finishes, such as skirting boards,
frames .. furniture and glass in the third fire.
Furnishing accessories.In addition to the achievements of the internal Ceramics Militello propose of furnishing the bathroom and not only contemporary in design, and
designedand self-produced by Siana Militello. Bowls, trays, door objects,and vessels ,sometimes characterized by the sign of the craftsmanship, maintain the texture of the product.

Double firing




Design made by hand of fresh and elegant, geometric shapes, in shades of green and yellow copper iron cobalt blue ceramic and decorative Mediterranean inspired hotel culture, for a wide range of tiled coverings on handmade of high quality for the creation of environments that speak of love for beauty.
The decorative motifs are the result of extensive research of historical decorations that have for centuries adorned and embellished stately homes, palaces, baroque churches. After careful study the artist Enzo Militello has reinterpreted and reshaped the same delicate and personal style that characterizes the whole production to a pottery, far from folklore.




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The "Ceramiche Militello " meets its customers, architects, designers and industry professionals at their showroom or workshop for more than thirty years is present at Cersaie (Bologna) and often host events and exhibitions, but more generally there is where innovation and creativity are the reference of contemporary taste.
The company's mission is to communicate to their audience research and the quality of its materials, and above all a passion for prestigious
 ceramic culture.

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